WHISPER AIR Case study realised by SPIRAIR Luchttechniek

19.10.2017 12:31

WHISPER AIR Case study realised by SPIRAIR Luchttechniek

The “Griftland College” is a high school in a nice green surrounding on the edge of the city of Soest The Netherlands. It was built in several stages. Over the years wings were added or refurbished. In general the school makes a positive and well-kept impression. It is clear that during the refurbishment of the school the ventilation of the classrooms was not the main issue. Because of this there are many complaints about the comfort and the air quality in the school.

Recently a standard classroom was changed to a computer classroom where 30 students can taught to work with computers. This amount of students is a normal situation in The Netherlands. This occupation combined with the extra heat production by the computers and screens is the reason why this classroom was at the top of the list with complaints.

During a period in spring SPIRAIR Luchttechniek has measured the temperature and the CO2 concentration in this classroom. The graph below shows very high CO2 concentrations up to 2250 ppm while the base concentration of CO2 is about 430 ppm.
During the Summer holidays a WHISPER AIR  was installed in this classroom. Two windows were partially sacrificed to make it possible to connect the WHISPER AIR with the outside air.

After the summer holidays the temperature and CO2 concentration was measured again. The results are shown in the graph below.
The results are of course the first results and although the CO2 concentration is only 4% of the time over 950 ppm we believe that when we do some fine tuning on the system the air quality should always be under 950ppm.

In The Netherlands we have a norm called “Frisse Scholen” this norm specifies demands on energie usage, comfort, heating, lighting and off course ventilation in new and old schools. The norm for CO2 concentration in a renovated school is 950 ppm.



Before WHISPER AIR unit installation

After WHISPER AIR unit installation

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