Quality policy
Quality policy

Quality policy

We do business in a manner that helps people and the environment

Deliver top quality products to customers and provide exceptional service. These are our core values from which we never compromise, and that is why we push ourselves to do our very best. Over the years, we have obtained international quality certificates and since 2012 we have been following our own Quality Policy. It summarizes the key principles of our company and sets the direction for its further development.

Quality under one roof

We control the development of our products from the moment a new idea is born in our minds until the goods leave our warehouse. We develop, design, test and manufacture our products ourselves. We have our own laboratory with the latest testing equipment and a team of experienced specialists and it doesn’t just end there. We want our customers to be satisfied not only with the products themselves, but also with our services. Our Logistics, Technical Support and Sales professionals complete the experience, providing outstanding service to our customers all over the world.

Regular inspections keep our products at the highest level

For high quality to be a permanent feature of our products, it is necessary to check it regularly. Safety, technical parameters and the ecological safety of the production are regularly tested by independent third party testing. In addition, we continuously streamline the organization of production, monitor delivery quality and provide training to improve ourselves. We have high demands not only on ourselves but also on our partners. The quality policy affects all parts of the company and it is the reason that 2VV products can boast international certificates.


air curtains
sold annually


air heaters
sold annually


heat recovery units
sold annually


ventilation units
sold annually

Certificates and independent audits

International certification is proof
of the quality of our products

As early as June 2012, our 2VV products were certified by the globally recognized company TÜV SÜD, which provides independent testing, auditing and certification. We have proven that our products meet strict quality and safety requirements. In addition, our heat recovery units have received EUROVENT international manufacturer certification. It verifies the quality, safety and performance of ventilation systems and other products.

We manage quality and care for the environment on a top level

In 2019 we successfully passed two further certifications, namely ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016. These standards confirm that the Quality Management System and the Environmental Management System are working well in our company. In both cases the audit was carried out by the German company TÜV SÜD.

We accept our responsibility toward the environment

Our goal is to improve the environment in which people live every day. None of our activities may harm it, so we adhere strictly to applicable laws and other legislative requirements and improve our environmental performance. Our environmental policy is reflected in everything we do and is a shared commitment of all our employees.
Certificate ISO 9001
Certificate ISO 14001


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