Technologie 2VV
Technologie 2VV


Quiet operation, efficiency and reliability

We are enthusiasts about innovative technologies. We are constantly thinking about how to improve our products to make them even more efficient, economical and reliable. It fills us with pride that we can bring our customers the best in the field of heating and ventilation. Check out the technologies used in our products.


STRAW SYSTEM technology is based on a special tubing system that uniquely controls and optimizes airflow. Thanks to a laminar and “piston effect” air flow, an effective screening effect (in the case of air curtains) and a significant increase in the air flow of all our ventilation products utilizing the straw system is achieved. 

Last but not least, STRAW SYSTEM technology contributes to significant noise reduction, an important element that allows us to supply silent devices.


A unique DUAL AIRSTREAM technology that is used for air curtains.

By effectively dividing the air intake channels into a cold and warm air stream with the same air velocity, this technology minimizes thermal leakage from the interior while reducing the thermal performance of the air curtain.

All this and outstanding thermal comfort inside the building.


efficiency of our
heat recovery units

2 x

lower noise of our
heat recovery units


energy saving
when using EC motors


savings on heating costs
EC motory

EC motors

All our products are designed with the latest technologies. Therefore, we always utilize the best quality, highly efficient EC motors to power our units.

Green EC technology ensures highly efficient operation with low energy consumption. EC motors are stepless allowing for precise air flow settings. This feature is fully utilized by our AirGENIO control system.

Thanks to the use of EC motors, the 2VV product portfolio offers a wide range of devices with maximum efficiency and minimum operating costs.


ZIG-ZAG technology provides efficient electrical heating solutions through the use of special wire rods, with additional safety.

ZIG-ZAG technology allows instantaneous start-up or stoppage of heat output, this means products equipped with ZIG-ZAG technology do not heat for more than necessary. The result is a significant reduction in operating costs.

In addition, each wire rod is equipped with its own operating thermostat for maximum safety.


With a unified platform, you can control any 2VV device through our AirGENIO control system.

This system is packed with sophisticated smart features that have a clear purpose - to minimize power consumption and ensure maximum comfort and control for maintaining interior environments in buildings. 

Clear and easy-to-understand icons on the color touch screen ensure simple and intuitive operation. In addition there is the possibility of control via smart devices or remote control via BMS.


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