LIKO-Vo living building

LIKO-Vo living building

Slavkov u Brna, Czech Republic

In May 2019 we delivered INDESSE air curtains to the production facility of LIKO-s in Slavkov u Brna. But this is not just any facility, it is a living building. Its main principle is natural thermal stabilization ensured by green roofs, facades, retention ponds and other technologies. Now our air curtains have joined them. They ensure a comfortable indoor environment in the building, saving energy and thus promoting a responsible approach to the environment.

  • Building
    LIKO-Vo living building, Slavkov u Brna
  • Completion of implementation
    May 2019
  • Technology used
    INDESSE air curtains
  • Number of modular assemblies
  • Control and regulation
    AirGenio IC-CONTROL
LIKO-Vo living building

INDESSE air curtains save energy
in the LIKO-Vo living building

In total, we used 6 modular assemblies up to 6 meters high in the building and chose a vertical installation. AirGENIO intelligent MASTER and SLAVE controls are used to operate the air curtains. There is also a connection to the central BMS system, while the curtain responds automatically to the set door position.


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