Pardubice Airport

Pardubice Airport

Pardubice, Czech Republic

"Pardubice local representation!" That would be the perfect slogan for this project. At the beginning of 2018, Pardubice Airport opened a new terminal named after an important Pardubice native, Jan Kašpar. And we had the honor of equipping the building with our air curtains. 

  • Building

    Pardubice Airport terminal

  • Completion of implementation

    January 2018

  • Entrance hall

    FINESSE air curtains

  • Departure halls

    STANDESSE air curtains

  • Logistic spaces

    INDESSE air curtains

  • Control and regulation

    AirGenio IC-CONTROL

Pardubice Airport

FINESSE and STANDESSE air curtains
welcome passengers at Pardubice Airport

As soon as you enter the new terminal, you will be welcomed by FINESSE air curtains equipped with electric heating. We installed two of them, 1.5 meters long, for each entrance which fully cover the entire width of the door opening. FINESSE air curtains have been specially designed for ceiling installations in airport terminals, banks and similar areas.

Pardubice Airport

But our share in the construction of the new terminal does not stop there. After checking in and entering the transit area, passengers continue on to pleasant departure gates, which we equipped with our STANDESSE curtains with MASTER and SLAVE control technology. This is a special method of installation, where all curtains are subordinate to a main one. This technology maintains a comfortable and constant temperature throughout the airport terminal and also saves energy.

Pardubice Airport

Our INDESSE series air curtains are used in the internal logistics areas of the airport. Since there is not much heat demand there, we have used the model without heating, and for full screening comfort we have chosen a two-sided vertical installation. In this case, MASTER and SLAVE technology is used as well as a connection to the BMS system.

All air curtains installed at Pardubice Airport are equipped and regulated by the intuitive AirGENIO control, which is able to efficiently adapt the performance to any environment.


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