College of Technologies and Design

College of Technologies
and Design

Vilnius, Lithuania

The extremely quiet WHISPER AIR heat recovery unit has proven to be the ideal solution for the College of Technologies and Design in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. As the school is housed in a historic building, the unit had to meet very strict requirements. Moreover, the whole project was very unique because it required different installation methods: in addition to the classrooms themselves, heat recovery was also required for the recording and film studios, lecture and concert halls or libraries.

  • Building
    Vilnius College of Technologies and Design
  • Completion of implementation
    September 2018
  • Heat recovery units
  • Power of the supplied units
    700 and 1000 m3/h
  • Number of the supplied units
  • Control and regulation
    AirGenio Superior
College of Technologies and Design

The WHISPER AIR heat recovery units
are located in a historic university building in Vilnius

In total, we delivered 127 WHISPER AIR units of 700 and 1000 m3/h in the Standard version with AirGENIO control and connection to the central building management system. WHISPER AIR represents a new generation of highly efficient, energy-saving and especially quiet heat recovery units that guarantee the highest quality indoor environment in classrooms and offices. This project has demonstrated what a diverse range of applications the WHISPER AIR unit is capable of.


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